First Commercial Applications of Graphene Films Prepared by CVD: High Resolution TEM Grids

Elena Polyakova1, Daniil Stolyarov1, Wei Zhang2, Karlheinz Strobl2
1Graphene Laboratories Inc., 5 Archstone Cir. Suite 202, Reading, MA 01867
2CVD Equipment Corporation, 1860 Smithtown Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


Continuous interest in Graphene materials has been recently reinforced with the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 2010. Graphene materials are considered for use in a wide variety of practical applications including electronics, solar cells, MEMS and NEMS, as well as chemical and biological sensors. Our joined team has successfully grown graphene films on Ni and Cu using Chemical Vapor Deposition approach for the commercial production of CVDGraphene™ products.

In this presentation, we will give an overview of ultrathin CVDGraphene™ TEM grids, one of the first graphene-enabled commercial products. CVDGraphene™ TEM grids provide the ideal specimen support to achieve high resolution data in TEM imaging making them a preferred choice for many TEM applications such as imaging of nanoparticles, proteins, viruses, DNA, medical Diagnostics, Single Cell Studies, 3D protein imaging, drug design, imaging of biological markers and bio-inspired nanomaterials, cryo-transmission electron microscopy, electron cryomicroscopy, Single Particle Analysis ( SPA ) materials science and semiconductor research, as well as Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS).

Our experience gained during developing a method of production of TEM grids can be applied to production of many other graphene products. Further, we will overview general methods of handling of CVDGraphene™ materials, potential for scaling-up, and key challenges to be addressed.


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Presented by Elena Polyakova at MRS Fall 2011 in Boston, MA