Check Valves

Check valves come in many different types and sizes and are used as critical components to manage fluid flow in process equipment. Corrosion due to aggressive chemical environments can cause problems such as reduced reliability, increased safety risks, leaks, and contamination of the process fluid. In many cases corrosion of metal valves is caused by the removal of the passive surface oxide layer after exposure to acidic and/or chlorinated compounds and can commonly appear as pitting. Different metal alloys will reform the passive surface oxide layer at varying rates which impacts the overall corrosion resistance of the valve. Use of exotic alloys in the manufacture of valves to reduce corrosion is limited due to the cost and lead-time required to obtain these specialized parts. Tantalum metal has proven to rapidly reform a surface oxide layer in even the most aggressive hot acid environments. By applying a tantalum surface layer using our unique Tantaline® treatment, the practicality of its use is now a more affordable option for valves.

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