Novel Tooling for Scaling of High Quality CVD Graphene Production

Karlheinz Strobl, Mathieu Monville, Riju Singhal, and Samuel Wright
CVD Equipment Corporation, 355 S. Technology Drive, Central Islip, New York 11722, USA


Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) is recognized as the most promising technique for the scale-up of higher quality graphene production for a wide range of applications. There is particular interest in the CVD of graphene on copper, where the number of atomic layers can be controlled down to a monolayer.

The quality of the deposited graphene can be quantified in terms of several physical properties, including crystal grain size, percentage of monolayer coverage, defect density, etc. In most cases it is desirable to produce large areas of single-crystal grains of graphene, with a maximized percentage of monolayer and with a low defect density. Many process solutions have been reported for the production of small sized CVD graphene samples. However, very few process solutions exist today to deposit high quality, predominantly monolayer, single-crystal graphene on large size substrates.

We present, for the first time, novel tooling designs for CVD reactors that provide multiple benefits for CVD graphene production. Our designs are scalable to >300 mm substrates, enable manufacturing of higher quality graphene in large quantities, can be beneficially applied to the full range of CVD graphene processes (low pressure, atmospheric pressure and roll-to-roll) and used for a range of substrates (foils or films).

By comparing the quality of CVD graphene obtained using a traditional CVD reactor to the same reactor enhanced by our novel solution, we show substantial improvement in grain size, macroscopic flatness of the substrates, and defect reduction. We also demonstrate that the production throughput for a given reactor can be improved by at least an order of magnitude without loss of quality.


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Presented by Karlheinz Strobl at the MRS Spring 2014 Meeting in San Francisco, CA