CVD Materials Corporation is a subsidiary of CVD Equipment Corporation

CVD Materials Corporation provides advanced materials, metal surface treatments, and coatings for demanding applications in the Electronic, Medical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical Production, and many other industrial markets. Capabilities exist to create new composite materials with revolutionary material properties and architectures. CVD Materials Corporation leverages our CVD equipment know-how to provide innovative materials and technologies, including the following:



Our Tantaline® process is an innovative tantalum vapor technology.  We create a tantalum surface alloy which is impervious to many harsh chemicals and gases.  The treatment is applied onto parts such as valves, fittings, autoclaves, fasteners, rupture discs, mixers, flowmeters, thermowells, heat exchangers, bellows, custom products, and more. Tantaline® treated products typically consist of a stainless steel substrates or base material which is processed in our custom reactors to create an extremely rugged, uniform, inert, and corrosion resistant tantalum surface.


Our MesoPlasma™ Direct Write Technology adds functionality, durability and improved performance to your products. Sensors, heaters, and antennas are deposited onto conformal parts or onto composite materials for demanding applications in aerospace, satellites, power generation, propulsion systems, and for the Department of Defense. MesoPlasma™ printing technology provides structurally-integrated products for advances in structural health monitoring, distributed sensing, heating, and communication.

Tantaline® and MesoScribe™ complement each other providing wear and abrasion resistant coatings along with unparalleled protection against corrosion.


Through our CVDcompoundsemi™ product line, CVD Materials Corporation now offers advanced semiconductor materials. Using our CVD developed equipment, we can provide the electronics industry with high purity, crystalline compound semiconducting thin films and nano structured bulk material for cutting-edge electronic applications including Power Electronics, LEDs, and Lasers. Precise control of dopant concentration enables customization of electronic properties. Our products will drive the next generation of high efficiency power electronics components.


CVD Materials Corporation’s fabricated quartzware is used in research and commercial applications. Our on-site quartzware manufacturing facility can produce prototype designs with rapid turnaround. We also stock quartzware components available for immediate purchase and shipment. Our stock includes spare components for our CVD and FirstNano® process equipment, including substrate paddles, wafer boats, process gas injectors, process tubes, quartz bubblers, bell jars, etc.